What’s the course like?

Since we’re getting close to the race, we have a fairly good idea about the size of the course.

Adventure racers will have 3-5 miles to run or walk, 11 miles on the river (which is really deep right now), and 10 miles by bicycle. The river is currently at flowing a LOT of water right now so if you remember last year, it will probably be different.

For the Orienteer 5K, the course will range across Eudora again as a mix of pavement types with limited grass crossings. If it is dry a street running shoe will be very successful.

For both, we will have 3-4 water stops across the run. The river will only have one water stop, and it is very VERY dependent on what the river is doing. Plan on packing enough water for 2-3 hours of paddling without resupply. The cycling route will not have any real water stops, so plan on enough water for your style.

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