The 2019 Great Kaw Adventure Race begins September 28th at 9 A.M.

Hello adventurers! It’s time to kick this thing off! I’m working on updating everything, but here’s what we’re looking at for this years race.

THIRTY TWO Adventure Race teams are going to have an all new route this year that will take you all over and back! You know it and love it, running, paddling, cycling, puzzles, orienteering, and physical challenges. I suggest bringing extra shoes.

TWENTY Orienteering teams are going to be kept to a 3-5 mile course, also all new. Should be a great mix of running, puzzles, and challenges.

New for this year, we’re going to open FIVE solo entries for the adventure race. Participants can bring a Kayak or a Canoe, equipment is your choice, in addition to their own bicycle. This class is going to be limited for this year so I can make sure I give you a great experience and figure out how this is going to scale. Trying to get additional details nailed down right now.

Registration opens FRIDAY at 2PM.

This year, in addition to benefiting our Friends of the Kaw, our event will unveil a larger project to improve water access and recreation in the city of Eudora. Stay tuned for details on that, because it’s going to be awesome.

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