Covid-19 and the GKAR

Hey friends! We’re plugging along planning the event and wanted to update the community on the situation. Douglass County, KS has been running a pretty prolific vaccination crusade and keeping our numbers of cases low over the last several months. During the event we plan on following the USARA guidelines and any additional guidance public safety asks of us. Your safety is our first concern.

Lets be kawrageous

In minutes, 2021 will see the return of the GKAR with a new solo class for participants, the orienteering 5k and of course the team event for 25 lucky teams! Check out our new partnership with the Eudora Parks and Recreation Foundation and The Friends of the Kaw to support our Wakarusa Boat Ramp. More deals on that soon!


Hey everyone! We’re back! Despite a flood, pandemic, and an extended training session the Great Kaw Adventure Race is back for 2021! We’re planning on September 25th for the event. We’re excited to kick off an awesome month here in Eudora and we want you to be part of the event too!

The Director

Great Kaw Adventure Race – Event Update

Hey adventurers! How’s it going out there? Good! It’s soggy here.

We have been working closely with the Friends of the Kaw River Keeper and local authorities to determine what our event looks like for 2019. And truth be told, between a massive tornado and a flooded rivershed, we’ve reached the point of no return.

We have decided to postpone the GKAR for 2019. The event will now take place on September 26th, 2020. We feel this is the best decision for your safety and enjoyment of the race. We worked on several alternate plans to explore the area, some that didn’t even involve our waterways. However, because our event has come to revolve around the Kansas River (our Kaw!), the race would just not be the same without the ability to explore the beauty of the Kaw. I’m passionate about this event because I want you to experience what makes Eudora and the Kaw so amazing. Anything less feels dishonest to your effort.

If you haven’t registered yet, no worries. Our Instagram page and website will be churning through updates about our progress and a new idea we have.

For those of you who have registered, I have three options.

1. Full refund.

2. Defer to 2020’s event

3. Donate your registration directly to the Friends of the Kaw and provide you a receipt.

Course information

Solo and Team Adventurers should expect around a 5-7 mile run, 10.5 miles on the Kaw River, and 15 to 20 miles on the bike leg. Challenges will be place appropriately.

Orienteers should expect a run length between 3 and 5 miles. Challenges will be focused inside the city limits of Eudora.