Competitor Update Team Hell on Heels

David Bennett and Mike Wedman have joined the Great Kaw Adventure race as Hell on Heels! With a name like that I can only assume they plan on bringing their A game and costumes or interesting footwear. Welcome to the race guys!

The Best Team Name Goes To…

It could be your team. Last year we started something new by allowing participants to vote for the best team name. Our winners top three teams, with the best names chosen democratically, received discounts for their 2018 entry. They were:


Second place: Riding the glorious KAWfef, but the #FakeCanoes won’t tell you that.

And first place: The River Goats!

Second and Third will received a 10% discount for the following year, and first, those glorious RIVER GOATS will earned a 25% discount on next their entry. Will your team have the best name this year?

Competitor Update Team KBR!

A team shrouded in mystery, obviously to keep everyone on their toes, Team KBR is lead by Captain Andy and Navigator Heidi. That’s all I’ve got to go on, so I assume they are much like Sonny and Cher, known only by their first names and reputations. I’m excited to see if they are going to be the lucky team that takes home our incredible, and yet relaxing, first place prize?

Competitor Update Team Battle Axe!

Crystal Day and Trish Kramer have joined together to form TEAM BATTLE AXE. This is officially my favorite name for the best team name, but you participants and fans of the GKAR will decide that later during voting! They are Kawrageous enough to jump into our amazing race, are you?

Welcome to our competitors!

Hey guys! It’s getting close to the race and we’re getting incredibly excited as it all comes together! This race doesn’t happen without awesome people like you! So let’s talk about them! First to order and super duper discount winners teams Modern Consulting and Protection Solutions!

Our first entrant for the year is Tim Waltrip captain, and navigator Alaysha Pool of Modern Consulting!

Next, hot on his heels for first to enter is Captain Jeremy Schafer and Navigator Amanda Coleman with Protection Solutions!

Good luck!