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One solo entry into the 2021 GKAR. Please be sure to sign up to enter your details.

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The Great Kaw Adventure Race is an orienteering based, cognitive, and physical challenge event. Challenges could be trivia about Eudora’s German and Native American heritage, complex equations, gunny sack races, or an unassuming puzzle. Participants will be required to navigate to waypoints and challenges to retrieve important artifacts.

Team entry for ONE participant. This is the full adventure race of running, orienteering, canoeing, and cycling. Course legs are expected to be 4 to 7 miles run over mixed terrain, 11.5 miles for the paddle on the Kaw River, and 15 to 20 miles for the cycling portion over mixed terrain.

A solo participant will provide their running, cycling, and paddling gear with approved lifejacket. The participant will need to stage their bicycle at the DeSoto checkpoint in Riverfront park, and their canoe or kayak and gear at the Eudora Wakarusa Boat Ramp. Please secure your gear when exiting the river or hand equipment to a trusted person.

See Rules and Gear for equipment needed.

Exchanges with notice to race director. Fill out and submit the form for your contact and team information before adding the event to your cart.

Each participant will receive a t-shirt and awesome gifts from our sponsors. All finishers receive an award. Placing prizes for first, second, and third and final finisher or team.

Race begins at 9:00 AM, September 25th, 2021

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