Team Adventure Race – 9:30 AM, October 7th, 2023

Orienteering 5k – 9:35 AM, October 7th, 2023

Start and Finish at 9th and Main, Eudora, Kansas 


Participants will be required to navigate to waypoints and challenges to retrieve important artifacts. To acquire these artifacts, an action will have to be performed. Participants will be limited to right of way and public properties unless otherwise stated. If we catch you running through lawns (and our residents will) you will be penalized.

Participants will be issued a map with the waypoints marked. It is up to the team to decide what is the best way to complete the course. No cue sheets will be issued. No markings will be placed in town. The course will be open to traffic and citizens. Participants will be required to be within two seconds of each other regardless of transit. Teams, if you’re running you should be able to touch, you will both be in the same boat, and if your cycling you should be able to draft. Choose your exit buddy well. All finishers will receive an award for finishing (more to come soon!)

Adventure Teams will be provided a map and materials. Adventure teams will need to bring a bicycle you are comfortable riding on mixed surfaces for 10-20 miles. Adventure teams will need to bring two kayaks or canoe, paddles and life vests for the river segment of the event. Participants may use their own equipment or rent equipment from our partners.

Orienteering Teams will be provided a map and materials.

You will be sharing the road during the bike and running portion of the events. Use appropriate caution.

This is a “Leave No Trace” event. You bring it, you leave with it. There will be a post-race celebration at the finish area at 9th and Main in Eudora, Kansas will include food from various local vendors, beverages (adult and otherwise) and music. Please plan on staying for the fun after the race – and invite friends, the post-race celebration is open to the public!

The Great Kaw Adventure Race is produced by people who love their community’s connection to the Kaw River and its relationship to the history of Eudora. The race team uses the event to support the Friends of the Kaw through exploration of the Eudora area and introduce guests to the Eudora community. Some of the best adventures take place outside; you just have to be kawrageous!